FL-AIR (Framework Libre Air) has been developed in the service plateformes of Heudiasyc laboratory ; its main goal is to ease of integration and testing of our research algorithms. This framework is based on Linux and is compatible with Xenomai (real time feature) ; it abstracts all communication and real time layers. As a research tool, building a ground station to monitor all UAV’s states is automatic.

Moreover, a simulator based on FL-AIR was also developed to test without any danger UAV programs on a computer before real flights. Thus, all bugs and errors can be detected and resolved. A 3D environment (see figure below) allows to simulate all embedded sensors (cameras, LIDARS, …)

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FL-AIR is open source and is protected by Inter Deposit Digital Number : IDDN.FR.001.490010.000.R.P.2015.000.20600.
FL-AIR can be downloaded from :