Projects realized

Name Funding Description Contact Period
AIRMES FUI Heterogeneous drones cooperating within a fleet I. Fantoni 2015-2018
DIVINA Labex MS2T DIstributed cooperative Visual Navigation for multi-UAV systems V. Frémont 2015-2018
ROBOTEX ANR National network of robotics platforms I. Fantoni 2011-2019
SEARCH "Region Picardie" Système d’Exploration Aérienne pour la Recherche et la Cartographie en milieu Hostile R. Lozano 2012-2015
GLMAV ANR Conception and realisation of a demonstrator for a hybrid projectile/MAV system R. Lozano 2009-2012
SCUAV ANR Sensory Control of Unmanned Vehicles J. De Miras 2007-2010
NAVIFLOW FRAE Navigation assistance using optical flow I. Fantoni 2007-2010
"DECOLLAGE VERTICAL" REI DGA Design of a vertical take-off miniature aircraft R. Lozano 2007-2008
ALTO "Region Picardie" Autonomous take-off and landing from any ground R. Lozano 2008-2012
HYDRONE PEPS CNRS Control of a hybrid drone : mini-helicopter-aircraft I. Fantoni 2010-2012
SIRENE CARNOT Aerial coordinated, reliable and secure supervision P. Castillo ; Y. Challal 2010-2012
AURYON, BIROTAN and MULTIROTORS ONERA-DGA Participation to Minidrones Challenges, ONERA-DGA P. Castillo ; J. De Miras ; I. Fantoni ; R. Lozano ; B. Vidolov ; 2003-2005